One Piece
Chapter: 1029 [EN]
Gol D. Roger, a man referred to as the "Pirate King," is set to be executed by the World Government. But just before his demise, he confirms the existence of a great treasure, One Piece, located...
Action Adventure Comedy Fantasy Shounen Super Power
Blue Box
Chapter: 26 [EN]
Taiki Inomata, a third-year student in junior high, attends Eimei Academy, an integrated junior and high school with a major sports program. Having started practicing with the high school badminton...
Romance School Shounen Sports
Sakamoto Days
Chapter: 44 [EN]
Tarou Sakamoto was the ultimate assassin, feared by villains and admired by hitmen. But one day...he fell in love! Retirement, marriage, fatherhood and then... Sakamoto gained weight! The chubby guy...
Action Comedy Shounen
Instant Life
Chapter: 2 [EN]
When "the person" pour hot water on a part of the corpse, it can be revived for only 3 minutes. The fee is 100,000 yen. There are various speculations, such as "I want my dead pet to cheer up my son...
Comedy Drama Slice of Life Super Power Supernatural
Even in Another World, Our Protagonist is Never Afraid of Being Him!!!
Chapter: 4 [EN]
A high school student, Tetsumaru Sakatani, who aims for the strongest defect (The King of Yankee), helps Megumi Amano who was involved in the defect. Tetsumaru became a Zokkon love in the girl's...
Action Fantasy Seinen
Chapter: 38 [EN]
This is the legend of how delinquent Sakura rises to become a hero! Fuurin High is known for having the lowest test scores, and the strongest fighters. This spring, Sakura Haruka decides to aim for...
Action School
Dr. Stone
Chapter: 215 [EN]
When a mysterious light suddenly engulfs Earth, humanity is left petrified, frozen in stone. Thousands of years later, the world is teeming with vegetation, and forests have taken the places of cities...
Adventure Sci-Fi Shounen
Platinum End
Chapter: 58 [EN]
After the death of his parents, a young Mirai Kakehashi is left in the care of his abusive relatives. Since then, he has become gloomy and depressed, leading him to attempt suicide on the evening of...
Drama Psychological Shounen Supernatural
Jujutsu Kaisen
Chapter: 163 [EN]
Hidden in plain sight, an age-old conflict rages on. Supernatural monsters known as "Curses" terrorize humanity from the shadows, and powerful humans known as "Jujutsu" sorcerers use mystical arts to...
Action Demons Fantasy Shounen Supernatural
Witch Watch
Chapter: 35 [EN]
Morihito, a boy with the strength of an ogre, is about to start living together with his childhood friend Niko, who is training to be a witch. Niko's magic leads to all sorts of unpredictable trouble...
Comedy Magic Romance Shounen
The Elusive Samurai
Chapter: 37 [EN]
Set in feudal Japan in between the Kamakura and Muromachi periods, our hero Tokiyuki Hojo is a boy on the run that history all but forgot! When the Kamakura shogunate is overthrown by Takauji Ashikaga...
Adventure Comedy Historical Samurai Shounen
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